All things January.....

Happy New Year to you all! I still think I need to say that to everyone who I am seeing for the first time this 2018, even though 11 days in to the year may seem a little late.

We always make new year's resolutions, mostly the same ones every year that run in the background like an app on an iphone that slowly runs down your battery, but this year we decided to make resolutions which are tangible, targets to work towards (forgive the teachertalk).

I am using a bullet journal instead of a diary and a thousand notebooks, if you have never heard of bullet journalling, please go and check out some of pinterest's pins which will open you to a world of mindful drawing and designing for the most mundane of routine tasks but which laid out in your way, may help you draw conclusions for a less stressful and anxious way forwards. That's my aim anyway, Have a look at a snapshot of my home jobs page....

My January workshop window reflects my next jewellery resolution..... this year I want to start making diamond rings and necklaces. Richard, my jewellery guru once told me that you must not be afraid of next steps just think that your mistakes will cost you more financially (we were talking about gold at the time, but I think the same holds true for diamonds). I'll keep you posted on how that goes....

Meanwhile, in other news January also means a new birthstone. Garnet is a stone of strength and safety which also represents a second year of marriage. It gets the name from the Latin word Garantus which means seed like (like a pomegranate) indeed its colour reminds me of the bright red seeds in a pomegranate. Garnet is one of the most popular semi precious gemstones. It is also said to keep the wearer safe during travel, to protect from nightmares, ghosts and ghouls and can bring order to your life, settle uneasiness and revitalise your body, mind and spirit..... what's not to love?!

I spent much of December working with Garnet (January's birthstone) creating some lovely pieces for some lucky people. Here are a couple of things I made, a necklace for the lovely glass lady to give as a gift , click on the photo to go to Molten Aqua Glass website where her trinket dishes are half price at the moment!

Here are some gorgeous garnet stud earrings made with sterling silver and perfect for those January birthday people or even a 'I need to cheer myself up in January' present to yourself..... click on the link for more details and to treat yourself....

Lastly take a look at my first stone set ring, a garnet which I have stacked with a plain sterling silver band and a sterling silver shank and gold ball.... click on the photo to go to my email address where we can discuss ordering your own!

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