January Jewellery Blues...

January Jewellery Blues...

January 2019

January and blue.  It's a lethal combination.... usually in January there are rare bright blue skies, everything feels a little dull and mundane and its hard to hoist myself out of that post Christmas 'eat everything in the house' routine.  

This January has been totally different! I have seen a few blue skies on my dog walks, I've still eaten everything in the house left over from Christmas but it has also been full of some stunning gemstones.  I've been busy with orders for blue topaz rings, a gorgeous oval emerald ring, a black obsidian set of jewellery, an aquamarine order, I've been asked to make wedding bands, I've dabbled with a 'ringamonth' challenge on Instagram.  I honestly haven't had time to be blue.  

 I do feel out of sorts though, that's not usually how January works, but I'm embracing the new January and hoping that I'm too busy in February to slump in to delayed January blues, so as this last week of January comes, keep your eyes peeled for my February offer for stacking rings and some new styles of jewellery I've been working on.  

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