Key Jewellery Trends 2023

Key Jewellery Trends 2023

I have perused the big fashion houses and after discounting the cats in cardigans article, I have found the top 5 jewellery trends that shouldn't be ignored! So if you want to change your jewellery style for 2023, here are some of the styles you should be delving for in your jewellery box or some of the trends to look for in stores or on your favourite small business website….

Let's start with pearls…. they are a big part of 2023, but I don't say the word big lightly - jumbo pearls are popular and faux pearls are this year's favourite. I love pearls, and in fact have been wearing a pair of pearl studs for far too long really, but large pearls are a fantastic alternative to hoop earrings.  Jumbo, faux pearls are ideal as a choker or collar style necklace too. Asymmetry is going to be an important fashion statement this year, so don't be afraid to wear one dangly pearl earring and one stud maybe, or perhaps one stud pearl and one other style earring? I've been making some dangly jumbo pearl earrings, see what you think, I will be adding them to my website this week.

Trend number 2 is wearing cocktail rings.  No longer do we have to limit ourselves with only wearing our wedding bands, engagement and eternity rings, we should be going big and not worrying about whether the stones are semi precious or not, we could just be loving the colour and the style of the setting.  I have been setting stones which are a much larger size that the traditional stacking ring sized gemstones of 5 and 8mm.  I've sourced some beautiful 10 and 12mm stones and I've set some stunning sparkly drusy stones which are much more cocktail style rings than stacking rings.  (And I do think a cocktail ring can be worn when sipping cocktails at home!)


Chunky cuffs are going to be something to watch out for in 2023.  Cuffs are a really comfortable piece of jewellery as they can be shaped to the size of your wrist and don't catch on the sleeves of your favourite coat or jumper.  Perhaps they are best worn when the weather is better and you can reach for those ¾ length sleeves, I want every part of me covered at the moment!  


One of my closest friends wears a brooch every day and I have a collection of brooches which have been given to me over the years and I love wearing them on my woollen coat.  I find the problem with constantly dog walking is that the fabric and style of coat doesn't tolerate pin prick marks.  I've now started wearing my brooches and pin badges on my cardigans - I am a big cardigan wearer!  Brooches are part of the 2023 trend, it is a really popular way of taking something vintage and celebrating your heritage by breathing new life in to it and giving it space.  I have been working on a new brooch with a new casting and I've given it a little unveiling below! 

4 images of key jewellery trends for 2023 including jumbo pearl dangle earrings, a collection of gemstone set rings, a wide hammered cuff and a silver star anise brooch.

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