My mini mail

As part of my Spring clean/lockdown changes, I found all the newsletters I have subscribed to over time. They were all in the promotions folder of my emails so I messed around with that and actually read the newsletters - I then decided which ones I would keep and unsubscribed from the others. All too often my inbox gets crowded with newsletters and I miss the important ones.

I've also been working on my own mini mail which comes out to you if you have subscribed. I am committed to making it short and sweet and keeping it full of new pieces of jewellery I am making, events I am looking forward to and of course special treats! I have also adjusted my email address so that it doesn't go straight in to your spam folder.

I hope you will stay with me and my mini mail as I keep working on it, I hope you will feel a special part of my jewellery adventure and business and that we will share some discussions. If you are not a part of my mini mail just yet, then please push the button below and sign up!

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