Shopping and my low boredom threshold

Shopping and my low boredom threshold

Written July 2017

That is what my mum and my sister used to say about me.  It was generally accepted that any shopping trip with me had to have clearly defined time and purpose parameters and had to be interspersed with cake and coffee..... I'm not one for bumbling around the shops and I am horrified to read that shopping has become one of the UK's most favourite hobbies.  A hobby?  Shopping.

Shopping needs to be easy for me and to be honest I am finding a new love of shopping in that this morning I have already bought my son's new school uniform and booked tickets for Wind in the Willows and all with a cup of tea in my hand from the comfort of the kitchen!  Perfect....

So for my jewellery I have long had a Folksy online shop, an Etsy online shop, a Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous online shop and they have done well, mostly because of the time I have put in to editing, uploading photos, tweaking with descriptions.  When people ask how can they buy my jewellery or see a range of my jewellery, I usually point them in the direction of one of those shops, but recently my Accountant Guru (Sarah) floated the idea of having a shop of my very own!  Wooooooooo!  

After many slices of cake and many hours of her hard work, that's what she has worked on with me and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I've looked hard at branding and thought carefully about how I want it to look and what should be loaded on it, and to be fair, it will probably never be finished but I love it and more importantly, I hope my customers will love it too! And although Sarah has probably more than once pulled her hair out with frustration at me, she has also learned a lot and really quite enjoyed it.  I am sure I have taken one for the team though with the extra stone in cake I have had to consume when we have 'needed' to discuss one aspect or another.

So head to to make your purchases with your cup of tea in hand!

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