Small business, big heart...

Small business, big heart...

For me, spring always brings with it that need to move the furniture around the house, tidy up my desk of all the random receipts and just refresh and rearrange - does it give you that same desire for nest changing too?

This year my website has been the first thing to be reset, refreshed and rearranged!  You might notice the front page has a new style, I've made a customer stories page and one page I am most proud of is my NHS discount page.  The lighting of candles this year and the anniversary of the first ever lockdown on March 23rd 2020 has brought with it a period of reflection.  It seems we are slowly moving along a path of recovery and we can do that thanks to the dedication of so many frontline workers.  

My husband had Covid in April 2020 and was really poorly being an asthmatic.  My step daughter works as a nurse, one of my closest friends shielded for a year and another works as a funeral director.  We have all seen such a different side of this pandemic, but I know we have all felt gratitude to the NHS frontline workers.  That's why I've set up a NHS discount page.  If you work for the NHS then email me using your NHS email address or send me a photo of your ID badge and I will send you a code to use on my website giving you 10% discount.

I know it is only a small gesture, but I'm only a small business but I've got a big heart.  

Stay safe and well.... always.


March 2021

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