Sore fingers

Sore fingers

May 2018

It's been quite a month here at Jewellery Towers, I have sore fingers from tip tapping away at the laptop - let me tell you why!

I think even if you live on the moon you will have heard of the GDPR legislation coming in to effect tomorrow.... it's quite a responsibility to ensure that people's data is dealt with in a fair, transparent and professional way. Your data is everything from your name, your photo, your credit card transactions, your orders, as well as your address be it physical, email or IP.  In essence I have tracked every way that I use your data and burrowed back to see where it is processed and checked that they meet the GDPR new guidelines.  I've written a privacy policy, a data processing policy and a data inventory, so now I know that if there is ever a data breach at Claire Howard Jewellery, I tried my best to avoid it!

I have had more fun putting together this new website....  I haven't done it all on my own, I'm so lucky that my best friend Sarah runs her own business giving out business advice - including how to build your website and online shop.  She has been a marvel translating what I thought I wanted in to a reality.  I hope you like the clean, fresh nature of this new website.  I wanted it to reflect how I see my jewellery - pretty and simple.  I'm still working on little bits of it, maybe it will always be a labour of love!

It's not all been about being locked in front of a laptop screen. The variety of running a small jewellery business is absolute bliss!

Have a super few weeks, back soon!

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