March 2018

If you have an Instagram account then you might follow my account (hopefully 😉) and you may have seen #marchmeetthemaker.  It’s a challenge set up by Joanne Hawker, she’s a designer and illustrator who celebrates handmade makers.

Every day in March there is a different prompt from who you are (Day 1) to your tools (Day 20), from photography (Day 5) to customer feedback (Day 17).

The brilliant thing about #marchmeetthemaker is that you can follow the hashtag and see such a wonderful array of talented makers and wonderful products. It is also fascinating to see how everyone interprets the prompt! Here are a couple of my favourite prompts from this month.....

So many of my photographs are taken on a wing and a prayer (prayer book) and with my iphone!  It's not a part of the process I find east - silver reflects so much.  To get some great shots I have enlisted the help of @kosbornphoto but when I do it myself I also use a @photoboardshq marble background which is one of the best things I ever bought.  I'm, trying hard and it's something I am working on this year..... day 5.

Day 6 Workspace..... I'm lucky enough to be able to use our converted cattle barn to use as my workshop.  It's set up so that it is completely separate from the house and it has a lovely big picture window which I decorate every month - kites for March! Inside I have my work bench (I'm an untidy worker) and my precious radio which you can't see in the photo!

Day 17 Customers and Feedback.... of course I really care what people think of my jewellery making and where would we be if we didn't care?  Thank you all so much to all the people who take the time to write a review, thank you to all my customers.

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