Claire at her work bench

Hello I'm Claire....

I make delicate, simple jewellery in a beautiful corner of North Norfolk. The kind of hand made jewellery I like to wear, everyday pieces which are elegant and made from quality materials at affordable prices. 

I'm passionate about wearing timeless but well made jewellery - uncomplicated pieces which are practical enough to be worn during the day but special enough for night!  To me, it doesn't matter if we are on a school run, working in a school of small children or out for pizza and prosecco for £12 (my local treat), my jewellery is intended to be pretty and well crafted - that's what matters to me.

My Inspiration

From my workbench in North Norfolk, I take inspiration from being outside.  We are so lucky in this county to have beautiful beaches, woodlands and a hill or two (Yes we do!) where I flourish being outside with the dog walking and enjoying some space and time.  Being outside lifts my spirits and enables me to focus on the simple things in life - I put these in my jewellery - accents of little delicate bees and daisies, hearts and droplets of gold.  That's how I see my jewellery - 

Texture is really important in my jewellery too.  I am a worrier so I love to be able to clasp a piece of jewellery and run my fingers over the stamped lettering or image and feel the dimples in the hammering, or the beads of the beaded wire.  I love that jingle jangle you get when two pieces of silver clink together and I automatically close my eyes and bask in the heat and light when the light is reflected off a piece of hammering.​

The beach has become an integral part of my making process. Throughout the pandemic, when we have been able to travel, we have always headed for the beach.  It is less than 10 miles away and we’ve taken our breakfast and walked for miles.  We have taken photos and left only footprints.  Alright… I did take some shells and those have been cast and I’ve added them on bangles and necklaces and they serve as everlasting reminders of our fabulous North Norfolk beaches.  

Who, how, why?  

I come from a very crafty background, my mum canes chairs, my sister sews and I just dabbled in a variety of crafts until they gifted me a course at the London Jewellery School.  Jewellery making then became a hobby which gave me space to create and wind down from a busy teaching job, a chance to explore new processes and create pretty things I wanted to wear.  I was frustrated that simple jewellery from the high street was made from low quality silver which made me itch and changed colour.  I bought a lot of jewellery from a local maker, Richard, who I commissioned to make me some pieces until he said to me - why don't we make these together? CHJ started to gather steam and momentum, I moved away from beads and on to soldering, stone setting and texturing through sitting beside Richard, attending courses and practising again and again and again.   I have not looked back! 

I am passionate about handmade, simple, everyday jewellery made from quality materials using traditional techniques. My biggest critic is now happy with the jewellery I make and wear.... and she was hard to please!  (She was me... she still is me... she will always need to be A+ not B-). 

Here at CHJ you will find, delicate detailing, simple jewellery, the best customer service I can do, handmade pieces and gorgeous packaging, but don't take my word for it - have a look around my website, sign up for my mini mail, browse my pictures and choose something that you might like to wear or see worn on someone you care about.... it will be my pleasure to make it for you!

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