Claire Howard Jewellery

Claire Howard Jewellery

I make pretty, delicate jewellery by hand for everyday wear with touches of nature, gemstones and gold.

I'm a small, handmade business, started because I wanted to satisfy a creative side I knew I had but which hadn't had an airing for a while.  I was caught up in the day to day routine of school teaching and all the knitting, crochet, embroidery, papercrafting I had done just hadn't led me to a place where I felt at home.  As soon as I first soldered some silver, I felt like I belonged... I wanted to create simple, pretty jewellery for people to wear everyday, whether your everyday was in a classroom, on a school run, in an office or out in a garden.

I wanted to provide great customer service, quality materials, pieces of jewellery that were small but weren't insignificant - presented in packaging which made you feel like you were really being treated (by someone else or yourself - that shouldn't matter!)

That's the basis behind CHJ, obviously there is much more to it than that, so many more themes, textures, techniques, but at the very heart of it, there is a desire to make other people feel good and if a dainty piece of silver wrapped in a pretty box does that, then that's me contented!  

September 2021

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