Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2022!

Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2022!

Want to change your jewellery style for 2022? Here are some of the hottest jewellery trends you shouldn't miss. I promise you'll love them and certainly find some of them on the CHJ website!


70s style charms, charm bracelets, pearls andmixed metals are back! Charm bracelets used to be the perfect gift for younger relatives and then your gifting for the next few years was sorted! But charm bracelets are such a popular trend this year, take a look at my bee charm bracelet if you want to wear or gift this part of the 2022 trend! In terms of pearls, I have a new pearl collection.  I really didn't want to mess too much with the delicacy of the pearl and I wanted this collection to be a reminder of those icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Coco Chanel and MarilynMonroe.  The idea that you could wear a pearl along with an ‘outfit’ for the evening, but also you could wear pearl hoop earrings for work really appeals to me and my aim that jewellery should be versatile enough to be worn every day in a variety of situations. 

Your second jewellery trend for 2022... zodiac jewellery!

The trend of having personalised jewellery is still very popular this year including wearing jewellery representing your sign of the zodiac. My schoolfriends and I all celebrate big birthdays this year so I've got a new design of bangles, bracelets and necklaces which mark all our special birthdays. I hope to be able to share each one with you as each of the big birthdays go past!

Third new trend...Signet rings

No longer the preserve of men involved in politics or business and needing a signet ring with their crest on it to sign documents. These are a popular choice for women and are worn on the pinky finger. Did you see the 9ct gold russian ring I made as a signet ring for the fabulous Patrick? Have a little look at my IG feed. I want to go back to some wax carving and create my own signet ring so again watch this space, but remember that any ring can be worn as a signet ring!

Fourth trend for 2022... Big Gemstones

Colourful stones, emeralds, different colours of sapphires and opals. I am so pleased to embrace this trend for 2022. I love my pink opal ring, did you see that Rainbow Titanium Window Drusy ring at the top of the page? I think that more than meets this new trend for the new year!

Last but not least.... Large stone set rings

Statement rings are usually worn on your right hand so as not to distract from your wedding rings, they should be bold and eye catching and all about you flaunting it! I'm not one for huge cocktail rings but I do love to find some fabulous stones and I have set some beautiful bigger than usual stones. More to come this year though!

So your first challenge is all about rifling through your jewellery box and finding any pieces which fit the 2022 trends which you like. Be brave and try some of the ones you like the sound of but which are not your usual first choice for jewellery. If you choose to accept my challenge, please post on IG or FB and tag me, or send me some photos via my email. I love to see your photos!

January 2022

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