The 3 P's

The 3 P's

June 2017

Chatterbox, that's what I was labelled as a child.  I have actually got my own little chatterbox at home now so I do understand how tiring a chatterbox can be..... however the more someone chatters, the more you find out about them and get to know who they are and what they stand for.  That's precisely why I like to buy from a maker.

I work hard for my money, so money spent on anything represents a lot of time and effort already put in.  I don't go shopping very often, not to shops in a city, I prefer the little markets I go to or the little shop with a corner devoted to someone's craft and to stumble in to someone's workshop well that's just heaven sent!  Is it fanciful to say then that spending money also becomes an experience to be cherished?

At the weekend it was my sister's birthday, she has a discerning eye but she's not hard to shop for as she loves things that are handmade.  Her birthday present therefore was made up of items bought locally and there was a story to each and every item, from the stunning linoprint from Amanda Colville at Mangle Prints (she's on Instagram as @mangleprints) to the gorgeous hand bound notebook with marbled paper done by the museumshelves (look for them on etsy, we were neighbours at Wymondham Craft Fair), to the make up bag by IzziRainey (find her on instagram too).  Also at the weekend was my godmother's birthday so I made her a sterling silver lapel pin in the shape of a heart and lastly, my lovely friend had a not so lovely weekend and at the end of my sister's road was the Sunningdale Candle Company so after a lovely chat I came away with a candle in a glass jar tied with gorgeous ribbon and a vintage button.

Each purchase brought me some joy as I had a chat with each maker, I have learned so much about processes and products and more importantly about people (There's the 3 p's in case you were looking for them!)

And finally, finally, people are so interesting aren't they?  Those chatters are also memories that make me happy.

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