How long does it take to make a bangle?

How long does it take to make a bangle?

This is a question I am often asked and as today I have been making some, it gave me a great opportunity to write this recipe for you!

  1. Order the silver (5 mins)
  2. Cut silver to length (5 mins)
  3. Find, print, complete form for assay office for hallmarking, weigh silver and parcel it up (15mins)
  4. Post office run (on a good day 10 mins, when there's a queue on market day 25mins)
  5. Check hallmarking (2 mins)
  6. Form silver in to a bangle shape, file and math ends ready for soldering (5 mins)
  7. Solder the joint (5 mins)
  8. Splash in water, soak in pickle, splash in water and inspect solder joint (15 mins)
  9. File, sand and finish solder joint (5 mins)
  10. Polish in tumbler (1hr at least)
  11. Wash, inspect, rub with polishing cloth, inspect and wrap (15 mins)
  12. Post Office run to customer (see above for post office times! 20 mins)
  13. Drink coffee and feel happy - endless minutes!

Obviously this is just a rough guide, when I add charms (particularly gemstone ones), then there is a lot more finishing to do and another polish once the stone is set.  I love making bangles, it is so satisfying to watch them appear from just a straight piece of wire and the opportunities for adding charms is just endless.  I also love the bangles which are wavy and which have the twist in them.  Do you have a favourite?

September 2021

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