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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

If you google famous women jewellery designers then you don't find many of them... in fact in a Christie's list there only appears one..... yes that's right - just one and it is Suzanne Belperron.  

Born in 1900 in the Jura mountains in France, in a village at the centre of the diamond cutting world, her mother noticed she had a talent for designing and encouraged her to sign up to the School for Fine Arts in Besancon.  She graduated and moved to Paris to work for Boivin as their designer where she became well known for bold gemstone choices using large curvaceous jewels.  

She became famous for her designs and was featured in Vogue and made pieces for the Duchess of Windsor, Aga Khan and Rothschild as well as many actors and dancers.  She was influenced by the arts, distant cultures of Egypt and the Far East as well as nature - creatures like starfish and insects as well as the underwater world and the splendour of its shapes and colours.  

Take a look at some of her designs - what do you think?  Maybe not everyday. delicate wear but certainly stunning and worth a dream with a cup of coffee and a quiet moment!  Enjoy.....

March 2021

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