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Jewellery Trends 2024

Jewellery Trends 2024


Layered necklaces are a big trend. Mix up your different chain lengths and your pendants and wear them all at the same time. Choker chains have become really popular again for 2024 but they aren't the only lengths you can wear. Perhaps put a simple pearl on to a really short chain and then wear a longer 18" chain with a seashell on it - perhaps a Norfolk Beach shell! Don't be shy about mixing metals too, wearing a silver chain with a shorter gold one is really fashionable or why not wear a silver chain with a gold pendant.

Secondly.... asymetric earrings

My star and moon stud earrings were my most popular stud earring at christmas and the wearing of mismatching earrings has been a strong trend over the last few years. Why not take that a step further and wear a drop earring in one ear and a stud in the other? My hoop bee, bird or heart earrings would be ideal for this as you could wear the drop earring in one ear and the stud in the other.

This trend is absolutely ideal for those of us with a jewellery box full of odd earrings as we have lost one and just cannot bear to part with it. Why not look for earrings which have a similar theme? A hoop earring with a round stud earring would work well.

The 3rd trend for 2024.... anklets

This is a lovely easy trend to adopt. If you have never worn an anklet before, go for something sleek and simple. You could add some glam with a bead or a pearl. As the summer gets closer keep an eye on CHJ and you will see some lovely little chains with a range of little bead charms which you could add.

Fourth trend for 2024 ...Shells

I absolutely love the image released from the catwalks of the giant lobster necklace by Schiaparelli (google it, you won't be disappointed!) but its not exaclty pratical for my sort of day of jewellery making. Even my days out do not include the size of pendants like the famous italian designer suggests, but I can offer you sea shells brought to you directly from the norfolk coast! Jewellery which is memorable or marks a certain moment in time is such a joy to wear. I love that dreamy moment of reaching for a special piece of jewellery and being taken back to happiness you've expereinced. You can browse my collection here on my website.

Fifth trend is alphabet charms

Dress up your jewellery with a charm letter on it. It doesn't have to be your initial, or those of your nearest and dearest, it could be for your favrourite location.... try to think laterally. That charm also doesn't need to be small and delicate, it could be on a long chain (layered with some other special pendants) and it could be super sized. Shop around and see what you like to wear, experiment!

All jewellery trends are suggestions, they don't have to be religiously followed if they don't suit you, or they don't suit the occasion or if you just don't feel comfortable. Jewellery can be meaningful, it can be random, it can be whatever you want it to be, but be happy wearing it. It is all about YOU and what you like. (That's what I think anyway!)

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