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What to do when you lose an earring...

What to do when you lose an earring...

I love a good list and here are my top 3 things to do when you lose one of your favourite earrings:

1  Cry!

There is nothing more annoying than someone telling you that you are only wearing one earring.  I know they are trying to be helpful but immediately my mind tracks through everywhere I have been, if I have put on/taken off a hat/scarf.  

Often an earring is half hanging out and I'm lucky enough to be able to save it... did you know that you can tighten the scroll by squeezing it together? And squeezing an ear wire tighter will create a smaller loop through your ear and prevent it being knocked out.

2.  Ask for a remake

If you bought your earrings from a small business then you could go back to that jeweller and ask them to make a matching earring.  Be warned that you may want to send the remaining earring back so that it can be polished to match its new partner.  Recently I have made a couple of matching earrings for people who have lost one of their studs.  I am always happy to make a single earring of my own earring design...  these paw print studs are the ones I have recently remade.

Stamped paw print stud earrings made with sterling silver

3  Mismatching earrings are very trendy!  

You could team a new stud with your remaining stud or dangly earring, By buying a new pair of earrings you have a whole new earring wardrobe!  You can mix one stud with another stud or with a dangly earrings.  You set your own trend, I always like to see a moon and a star in opposing ears, or a star and a heart next to each other.  Experiment and see what you like...

Whatever your earring dilemma, I make a series of small, delicate earrings which can be perfectly matched or mixed and matched.  I love this combination of bee stud and bee hoop earring ...

If you do find yourself in the situation of having lost one earring, do remember that it is near impossible to make a 'perfect' match of an earring. Be gentle with your jeweller and if you want a matching earring which is not theirs in the first place, they may make you a new pair, but they will never be exactly the same as the originals and nor should they be - but there is something special about a new redesign!  

June 2021

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