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How do I choose a piece of jewellery as a gift?

How do I choose a piece of jewellery as a gift?

Would you like to treat someone to a piece of jewellery but don't really know what to get? Here are my top 5 tips for choosing the perfect piece.....

1 Look at the jewellery they wear. Do they wear chunky or delicate jewellery? Is it silver or gold? Do they have pierced ears?

2 Do you know them well enough to measure them? If you want to buy a ring or a bangle, you may need to know what size they are. Cuffs and some rings can be adjustable otherwise you may need to measure a bangle or ring they already wear and that may be tricky. So that might make your choice easier to make -  necklaces or earrings don't need to be measured!

3 Decide on your budget...small stud earrings made of quality materials can look much more expensive than they actually are which is ideal if you are working to a budget, also if you aren't sure that the recipient will like your choice, then drop earrings or studs won't be a waste of money.

4 Send them a link... you could send a link to a jewellery website saying you have found the IG/FB or website address of a lovely jewellery, what do they think? What would they choose? Its a sneaky option but I find it does work!

5 Still not sure? How about a gift voucher? If you know they like jewellery but are too nervous to make a decision, then a gift voucher gives them the freedom to choose!

I often am asked by people what they should choose for someone special to them. Usually I work through the above 5 options and it is rare that we get to number 4 or 5. I think you know that person better than you think you do! I'm always here if you would like some advice... and good luck!

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