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Pocket Treasures

Pocket Treasures

I have always been fascinated with the fashions and jewellery of the 20s and 30s and when I was remodelling my pearl collection this year, I was drawn further in to looking at the lockets and fob watches that were a feature of that time in history.  My mum opened her collection of inherited jewellery for me to have a look at and we have loved chatting over how beautiful their fashions were.  


I love the nostalgia of looking at black and white family photos and must admit to having lost hours reading old family letters and postcards, diary entries and hearing stories of who was who, where they were living and what they did with their lives.  This was the starting point for this new collection. The wall above my desk in my workroom has become my mood board housing many of the things which remind me of a happy childhood and all the characters whose jewellery I wear for special occasions. 

The first of my Pocket Treasures collection is this little key.  It is the same as one of the charms on a bracelet which I have inherited.  Firstly I find a key so tactile.  I often have my keys loose in a deep pocket and I love the feel of the smooth round top of them and the squarer edges of the actual unlocking pieces.  Secondly Keys have the most wonderful symbolism.  They are a sign of hope, new beginnings and possibilities.  Perhaps they are the new front door to a much dreamed about first home, perhaps they unlock a special garden gate (I'm remembering the Secret Garden!)  Keys also represent personal growth, change and evolution, they are a symbol of protection, strength and power and sometimes we all need a little more of that in our lives!  


I have made these keys so that they are as light as a feather and hang from my curb chains which have a dense but delicate chain which loops in to the almost love heart shape of the top of the key. So if you are looking for a gift for someone who is starting a new period of their life or making a big step in to the unknown, perhaps this silver key necklace is just what they need to remind them that they already hold the key to their success.  Or perhaps someone special to you is getting married and the silver key represents a symbol of love.  

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