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Shellabrating the Norfolk Coast!

Shellabrating the Norfolk Coast!

For quite some time I have been wanting to extend my Norfolk beach jewellery range and have been on the lookout for a little mussel shell.  The ones I found over the winter were all too big, too battered, or just not right… 


One of our walks early in the summer had me scouring the shoreline as per usual just filling my pockets with stones which looked too lovely to leave behind unloved.  I spotted this little mussel shell and it was the one I had been looking for.  I love it because it has a little bit of a quirky shape, the edge on the right is a little bit rough and the lines running over the shell are just so tactile.  It caught my eye because of its dark colour too.  I scooped it in to my pocket and miraculously it lasted the journey home despite the stops and starts of other beachcombing, cricket with Small and flask coffee and snacks huddled in a dune! 


I am equally thrilled by how it looks in sterling silver.  I love the way I can rub my fingers over it and feel those small ridges, my finger fits nicely in to the inside and the smooth and silky nature of the inside is a delight to play with whilst wearing it, and I am always fiddling with my jewellery. I hope you love my mussel necklace as much as I do, it is now listed on my website.


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