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Through the Garden Gate

Through the Garden Gate

Last summer we had some work done on our garden, we inherited a very square plot of land which the previous owners stripped of any plants before they left and so we wanted to inject some love in to our green space.  Now it has some beautiful curves, it also has some big borders which we wanted to fill with plants we love…. I'm talking lupins, daisies, geraniums, lavender, rosemary, penstemmon, peonies.  We discovered our taste was all about the colourful petals and sweet smells. 


Step in to my mum's garden and apart from finding her weeding away in a corner, you'll also find yourself immersed in a world of natural beauty and tranquility. It's this serene atmosphere and the delicate charm of blooming flowers that inspired my "Through the Garden Gate" collection. Each piece is a tribute to those spring and summer days when you find yourself enchanted by the journey from the gate to the patio chair (coffee in hand obviously) and the joy of the flowers along the way, the bees buzzing about you and the swallows high in the sky. I hope to capture a piece of that enchantment and share it with you through this jewellery collection.

Within the "Through the Garden Gate" collection, you'll discover a special selection of sterling silver jewellery, crafted to reflect the beauty of the English garden. At the heart of this collection are my little recycled silver stud earrings, each adorned with intricate floral designs that capture the essence of a blooming garden. From delicate daisies to simple forget me nots,every pair of stud earrings stays true to what I think is important in jewellery - delicate and ideal for every day.

Each earring is handmade using recycled sterling silver, even though they are small and delicate, they are long lasting and have a timeless beauty. Whether you'retreating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, you can trust that my jewellery will be cherished and worn for years to come.

I wish I could take you on every walk through spring and summer gardens, but that's not practical, so take a look at how the inspiration from those gardens has become a collection of jewellery. Keep your eyes posted on my social media to see how some of these earrings have been made, from the recycling of silver, to the shotplate hammering and the soldering of the posts. I've even got a wrapping them up reel planned! My next blogs will give you some styling inspiration, be sure to explore the full "Through the Garden Gate" collection here on my website and discover the perfect piece to add a touch of botanical beauty to your jewellery collection.


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