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Twiggy's Bangle

Twiggy's Bangle

I've been so looking forward to sharing the story of Twiggy's bangle with you.  Actually it is much more than just Twiggy's bangle, it is the story of a beautiful brood of grandchildren, its a story about gathering random sticks and turning one of them in to a beautiful sterling silver, hallmarked bangle and its the story of my jewellery making journey.  I know you are going to love to see it!


Julia and I met around 8 years ago when she had 2 beautiful grandchildren and she wanted to wear some simple jewellery which would represent her lovely girls.  She wanted each bangle to be different and we started off with a smooth bangle with some little hammer taps spaced out around the bangle and a hammered bangle.  Making 2 different bangles isn't that difficult but Julia's family started to grow and the pressure was on to make a different bangle each time!  It was the final bangle which has been such an exciting adventure.

Julia's bangle is made up of 4 bangles and one charm. The charm is a flat band which held all the other 4 bangles together so that they didn't move around too much. With the arrival of Twiggy, we needed to add another bangle. Julia is a garden designer and so with name like Twiggy my thoughts turned to an actual twig. Julia was really excited about how we could turn a twig in to a precious bangle so I sent her out on a mission with all her grandchildren to collect a basketful of twigs. Some of them were obviously far too big to even consider, but in that basket was a piece of blackambar, which came from Julia's garden and was a plant which had a special meaning to her too. It was perfect.

I had one 10cms piece of the blackambar cast and both Julia and I had our breath taken away by how beautiful the casting was. The silver twig had all the teeny tiny little buds intact and the texture was dreamy! I soldered 3 pieces together and was under orders not to make it too perfect, Julia wanted it to feel organic.

The final stage of this make was to collect all the bangles together, add the leaf charm and then then solder them together so that it is a bangle which doesn't separate each of the bangles. This was no easy feat given that all the bangles had been made separately and there is a multitude of solder joints in there. After a really good polish, Julia's bangle was ready to wear and looks absolutely stunning. We both might have shed a tear at the journey of this bangle. It is worn every single day whether Julia is designing gardens or planting them.

Julia says that her bangle is 'beyond beautiful' and I totally agree, and it is a special one which currently Twiggy is cutting her latest teeth on!

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