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Cowslips as a stud earring

Cowslips as a stud earring

I am really pleased to show you a special pair of earrings from my new Through the Garden Gate collection.  They are inspired by the delicate beauty of the cowslip. These earrings are not just a piece of jewellery; I have created them as a tribute to one of England’s cherished wildflowers. 


Cowslips are one of those flowers you see on the edges of the country roads here in Norfolk and if you are anything like me, you glance at them, love them for their bright colours and then are immediately distracted by the dog barking and dashing off across a field, to think anything more about such a simple, small, wildflower beauty!   This collection has given me the opportunity (much like my Coastal Botanics Ring Collection) to immerse myself in exploring more of their story and I'm hoping you will enjoy the journey too! 


Cowslips are scientifically known as Primula veris and their charming yellow flowers are among the first to bloom in spring, symbolising renewal and the awakening of nature. Mostkly they are found in meadows, woodlands, and cottage gardens or the edges of those country lanes which we love walking Barney along. 


Cowslips have a rich history in English folklore and tradition. They were believed to be the home of fairies and were often used in love potions and remedies. In herbal medicine, cowslips were valued for their soothing properties, used to treat insomnia and anxiety. It is their distinctive fragrance and cheerful appearance which make them a favourite among gardeners and nature lovers.

Making these earrings is so much fun and has been a bit of a journey. Last Christmas, I won an award at Holkham Christmas Market for my commitment to Sustainability and in writing an application for this award, it got me thinking about how much more sustainable I could be. I have long collected all the snippets from my silver jewellery making and every now and again, I send it away for recycling but I have always wanted to do more with it. Melting silver snippets in to a 'pebble' is a tremendously satisfying thing to do. I love to watch it melt and it naturally forms in to a ball which spins merrily when all melted. I quench this silver ball and it naturally has a flat bottom which is ideal for soldering a little post on to for a stud earring.

I use a shot plate to make the design of the cowslip. I lay the silver snippet pebble on to the design, give it a hard thwack and ta-da the cowslip design appears on the silver pebble! After adding some patina and giving it a little polish, these stud earrings are ready to go! Take a look at the photos below to see the whole process.

Making my Cowslip stud earrings

I am really pleased with these stud earrings and they have already become a popular earring in my own jewellery box, so I hope they become a favoured one for you too! If you would like to have a closer look at them, just click here

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