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Should you invest in an expensive piece of jewellery?

Should you invest in an expensive piece of jewellery?

My mum always told me that jewellery isn't made to sit in a jewellery box and only be taken out to be admired. It should be worn. I've taken that to heart and I try to change my jewellery regularly and where I have been gifted jewellery from relatives, I try to wear it often. But filing, sanding, polishing and hammering are not activities which are gentle and work well with delicate, old jewellery.

Would I invest in expensive pieces of jewellery? Yes I absolutely would, because I make conscious effort to wear it. If you subscribe to my mum's philosophy, then if you find a piece which you know you will wear often, then go for it!

However, there are lots of us who don't wear very much jewellery, who don't change our jewellery on a regular basis and who has a box of jewellery which just sits and gathers dust. What I would encourage you to do is to look at that jewellery and try and decide if you don't like it, or you just 'don't get around' to wearing it. Mayve you could get those pieces repurposed?

Repurposing jewellery is a wonderful way of investing in expensive jewellery. It is an ideal way to keep the memory of loved ones alive, it respects hierlooms but modernises them, makes them relevant and a new heirloom. It also may give you a sense of pride when you explain to people that it once was your great aunt Jane's wedding band, you can share those stories about her and make her part of your present. Ultimately, that new jewellery makes you happy. And jewellery should make you happy.

I don't repurpose jewellery but I can recommend wonderful makers who can transform your special pieces, just get in touch with me and I will point you in the right direction. Repurposing jewellery is too much pressure for me, but I adore watching Brenton on The Repair Shop! What I can do, is make you new affordable, pretty, delicate jewellery pieces which over a few days can be ideal for a zoom meeting, a real life meeting, a day at work, a day out witht he family and a meal out with the one you love. And I will love making it for you.

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